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Our Story

made with love 

I come from a big family with lots of children surrounding me. I made colouring books to keep them entertained but mostly for fun.

 In mid 2021 my mum was going through radiotherapy and hormone therapy to treat breast cancer. She was having some tough days and was very tired often so to lift her spirits I thought i'd make her a colouring book full to the brim of pictures of her grandchildren, a picture of her holding me when I was born, some of our favourite quotes from movies and inside jokes only we would understand. well when I gave her this book she cried a lot and was utterly amazed and touched. She smiled a lot and showed it off to everyone. Then before I knew it I had other people asking for colouring books for their loved ones too. I was totally amazed by the amount of love and support from people all over the world and I felt motivated to take on this new business venture of creating personalised colouring books for people to love and enjoy as much as my mum loves hers.

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